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The aim of this company is to provide head office facilities to you, the independent contractor, who are trying so hard to deal with the ever expanding work load  created partly  by the pharmacy contractual framework of 2005.

As we owned a small group of 7 pharmacies for some 20 years we have faced many of the problems now besetting you, but now we at last have the luxury of time to develop solutions that will save you time and money.

Many of you work alone so we also try to be there as a sounding board for ideas you may have or to suggest solutions to situations you are struggling with.

Your loyalty is very important to us so we try to give as good a service as possible, but we appreciate, there are times when what you buy from us may not turn out to be what you wanted, in which case our 100% guarantee ensures you get all your money back with no argument.



pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing
pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing


Client Relationship Team                                                       Production Team

pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing
pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing

Lisa C    Jan 2007

General Manager

Lisa, our superb general manager, has been with us the longest. She is a great organiser ensuring the team keeps you all up to date with latest changes in the pharmacy world and how we can help. She checks your orders arrive promptly and follows up the requests you send in answering you have any questions about them. She also designs the artwork for the Healthy Living Leaflet. On top of all that she looks after her own clients taking time to help them wherever possible

Lisa has her own house with her husband, Dan and they have two cats, Holly and Ivy. She is a mum of one 'Jessica' born in December 2015.


Kerry    Sep 2013

Client Relations Manager

Kerry is a happy and cheerful wife and mother of three, two boys and a girl. She looks after her clients with a smile that will brighten up their day.

As she has family commitments she only works Tuesday to Thursday.


pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing

Christine    Sep 2013

Client Relations Manager

Christine is a lovely girl with the typical charm of the irish. She too is a busy wife and mother and hence only works 3 days a week.

Her clients are getting to recognise her gentle lilt and appreciate her keenness to help them deal with their paperwork.


pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing

Emma   Oct 2011

Office and Product Creation Manager

Emma is our Office Manager and mum of 2 to Chloe & Cooper. She and her husband have recently bought their first home together.

Emma currently works part time on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday pm.



pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing

Edward    Sep 2009

Patient Survey Data Analyst


Edd is the twin brother of Lisa’s husband. He works 3 days in the office and 2 from home mainly summarising all the patient surveys you send us.

We are always impressed at how quickly, accurately and thoroughly he does them.

He also helps out with IT problems and making products if the others are a bit rushed.

pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing

Dan    Mar 2013

Patient Survey Data Analyst


Dan is Lisa, our manager's husband who helps his twin brother, Ed. with the patient survey summarising during our busy periods

This is impressive as he also has another full time job.

pharmacy contract, improve business and marketing

Jaclyn    Feb 2014

Client Relations Manager

Jaclyn is the youngest member of the team at the moment but is the mother of 2 very cute boys age 7 & 3. She is Lisa, our manager's cousin.

With her own clients to look after, she is always happy to help whenever she can.


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