Data Security & Protection Folder For Dentists

Attention any dentist who has not completed their Data Security and Protection tool kit yet:

Still not completed your GDPR submission? Relieve the pressure! Buy our Simple Solution for just £496 + VAT + P&P

And Remember, the Submission Has to be Done by June 2021

(this may be under review due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Are you daunted by the latest 2020/21 GDPR requirements? Do you think it's too late to do anything about it now? Have you filled in the Data Security and Protection (DSP) toolkit but not got the back up evidence? Then we can help!

My name is Lynda Chanin and I am one of the directors of Our passion is to help independent professional contractors survive by taking over some of their ever-increasing paperwork.

Our solution of a complete DSP folder and help to submit was exceptionally well received last year (see testimonials at the bottom). Having sold over 200 packages to some of your dentist colleagues, and having received glowing testimonials, we are confident we can very substantially reduce the pressure on you to comply with the new Data Security guidelines, if you have not already done so, without it costing you a bomb. This may seem a tall order but let me explain about our system.....

DSP (GDPR) System for Dentists


  • It has been substantially updated to match the latest DSP toolkit assertions

  • It consists of a USB Drive which has all the mandatory paperwork created so the thinking has been done for you to save you time

  • It is adaptable so you can quickly make minor changes to match your own practice’s needs

  • It comes with a personalised, indexed folder so it looks professional, and you can easily locate specific requirement materials

  • We part personalise and print out the folder contents so even more of the work is done for you

What’s more… 


  • There is a simple work plan for you to follow which explains all the steps you need to cover    

  • There are training sheets (in the form of easy to understand and review, mind maps on the accompanying USB) to help your staff grasp the concepts behind the new GDPR requirements. 

  • We even offer a service where we can publish for you (£150 +vat ). All we need is your username and password for connecting to the health website.


The folder would normally cost £496.00 + VAT + P&P, but we are offering the full package to you for just £446.00 + VAT + P&P to get rid of all your GDPR worries in one go.

Also, you get an extra 10% saving if you pay by card, making it just £401.40 + VAT + P&P.

If you bought last year's DSP Folder, your updated 20/21 folder will cost just £150+VAT+P&P.

(10% off if you pay by credit / debit card)

And remember…

As with all our services there is 100% money back guarantee if you do not think the service delivers as promised.

What to do next:

Simply give Lisa, Kerry, Christine, Jackie or Lizzie a ring on 0151-653-5525 / 3115. And then you can rest assured your GDPR worries are over. Is that irresistible or what!?

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