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F51) Staff Training Record Sheet

For recording training requirements of individual members of staff and details of their training.

F52) Confidentiality Clauses

Confidentiality agreements for companies and third parties you work with who have access to Patient Identifiable Information, with forms to record their details. 
F53) Methotrexate Toxicity Symptoms

Symptoms of Methotrexate Toxicity with warnings and recommendations. 
F54) Lithium Toxicity Symptoms

Symptoms of Lithium Toxicity with warnings and recommendations. 
F55) Hand washing during risk of Pandemic

Detailed guide on hand washing during a pandemic to display in your shop.
F56) CD leaflet for the patient

Patient Information leaflet with recommendations for storage and use of Controlled Drugs.
F57) Near Misses Report

For recording outcomes of meetings where Near Miss or Dispensing Errors have been discussed and solutions for error prevention have been agreed. 
F58) Emergency Contacts Sheet

For recording Emergency Contacts details (e.g. Electricians, Locksmiths, Emergency Services).
F59) Assignment sheets for data protection senior staff

For recording details of all Data Security and Protection staff.
F60) Staff Data Protection Questionnaire

Questionnaire to determine staff awareness and knowledge of Data Security and Protection protocols.

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