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IG for Dentists





Not Submitted IG? Need Help Desperately?

Never Fear, TheInformacist is Here!

  • You will be aware that your practice has to be at level two of the information governance requirements by 31st March 2012. Now if you haven’t managed to get there yet, we have your solution!

  • You can buy our IG PLUS package. The disc contains the policy, code of conduct, information leaflet, work plan, various audit trails to monitor those areas that need it, map of information flow-risk and information asset registers, over 20 SOPs and information loss records, all adaptable to you.

  • The pack also provides a personalised, professionally indexed folder filled with part personalised printouts. You also receive a video on how to submit your IG on-line including a sheet  showing what to put in the evidence boxes. To help you train your staff you will also get training mind maps for your staff and quizzes to check they understand what IG is all about.

  •  You will, of course, have to ensure that you complete all the sections by following the work plan at the front of the folder, and make sure your team is trained on the Information Governance requirements and that you keep your audit trails updated.

  • But think of the time and money you will save. So to take that worry off your shoulders,  order your IG package today by filling in the product request form (which you can scan & email, fax or post to us) or call us on 0151 653 3115.

Remember our 100% No Quibble money back guarantee if the product does not match your requirements

Remember our 100% No Quibble money back guarantee if the product does not match your requirements.

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