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Information Governance

Not submitted IG? Need help desperately?

Never fear, The Informacist is Here!

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Information Governance Plus Pack

Only £376.70


You are all aware that each of your pharmacies has to be at level three of the Information Governance requirements by 31st March 2017. Now, if you haven't managed to get there, we have a solution:


Information Governance Plus Pack: 


    For just £376.70+p&p+vat we can provide you with an Information Governance folder and disc which has been fully researched to ensure cover of all 16 requirements of your Information Governance policy and standards up to level 3.

The folder is personalised and can be easily adapted for you, and contains printouts which act as evidence for your I.G. submission. This will contain the policy, code of conduct, information leaflet, work plan, various audit trails to monitor those areas that need it, map of information flow, risk and information asset registers, information loss record and 22 SOPs, covering many different procedures like confidentiality, data protection and Freedom of Information Act.

    This package will also contain a training video with detailed instructions on how to submit online, what to put in the evidence boxes and mind maps to train your staff with scenarios to check they understand what I.G. is all about and how it should be implemented. 

     You will, of course, have to ensure that you complete all the sections by following the work plan provided at the front of the folder. This is a detailed improvement plan, which shows you everything you need to do and guides you through each requirement step by step. You will also need to make sure each member of your team is trained on the Information Governance requirements and that you keep your audit trails updated. The package also has training sheets to record which members of staff have been trained on which of the various sections included.


Information Governance Staff Training Pack Video and Handouts:


For the price of £108.90+p&p+vat, you will get the training video from the above package with instructions for online submission and mind maps for staff training.


Information Governance Full Submission by us to Level 3:


We can also provide a service where we can take care of your online submission for a small fee of £55.00+vat. 


Information Governance Review Re-Submission by us to level 2 or 3:


If you have submitted your I.G. online before and you just need it to be reviewed and re-submitted, we can do this for just £27.50+vat. (Please have your log in details to hand when ordering).


So, take that worry off your shoulders, think of the time and money you will save and order your Information Governance Package today. Don't forget, if you feel that it has not saved you time and money, just send it back for a full refund but please tell us why because we want to make sure we are always providing the gold standard of what our clients want.


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