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List of Standard Operating Procedures for Pharmacists

Site Licence

This allows you to use your SOPs in more than one Pharmacy owned by you. It only costs £399.30+vat for unlimited pharmacies in your chain.

Now available electronically
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Our SOPs are mainly supplied as disks of 10 or so SOPs, but they are also available as single SOPs at £13.30+vat.

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000 Overarching SOP for SOPs

001 Prescription Reception

002 Pharmaceutical Assessment

003 Intervention and Problem Solving

004 Label Production

005 Assembly of Rx

006 Accuracy Checking

007 Transfer of Rx to Patient in the Shop

008 Prescription Owings

009 Repeat Dispensing

010 Prescription Collection Services

011 Disposal of Unwanted Medicines


012 Supplying Medicines in a Compliance Aid

013 Assessing Eligibility for Supply in a Compliance Aid

014 Dispensing Private Rx

015 Dispensing Controlled Drugs

016 Sale of OTC Medicines by Counter Staff

017 Sale of OTC involving the Pharmacist

018 Methadone Dispensing

019 Medicines Use Review

020 Emergency Supply

021 Extemporaneous Dispensing


022 Obtaining Specials

023 Chronic Conditions Advice

024 Assessing Clinical Significance

025 MDS in Nursing Homes

026 Dealing with Other Healthcare Professionals

027 Stock Control

028 Stock Ordering

029 Stock Receipt and Integrity Checking

030 Complaints Procedures

031 Confidentiality


032 Near Miss Incident Recording

033 Dispensing Error Recording and Reporting

034 Minor Ailments Scheme (Enhanced)

035 Health and Safety of the Public

036 Health and Safety for the Staff

037 Sale of Emergency Hormonal Contraceptives

038 Blood Pressure Monitoring

039 Self Care Advice for Diabetics

040 Self Care Advice Around Smoking

041 Prescription Counting


042 Prescription Filling

043 Sending Prescriptions to the PPA

044 Syringe Exchange (Enhanced)

045 Observed Consumption (Enhanced)

046 Pregnancy Testing

047 Root Cause Analysis

048 Self Care Advice for Those Who Are Overweight

049 Self Care Advice for Those With Hypertension

050 Signposting

051 Monitoring Owings (Audit)


052 Drug Alerts and Recalls

053 Staff Training

054 Induction for New Staff

055 Induction for New Pharmacists

056 Dealing With Fire

057 Cleaning the Premises

058 Opening the Pharmacy

059 End of Day / Closing the Pharmacy

060 Refrigerator Maintenance

061 Equipment Maintenance

062 Giving Advice for Malaria Prophylaxis


063 Dealing With Violent Customers

064 Smoking Cessation

065 Blood Glucose Testing

066 Running Tally of CDs

067 Clinical Audit

068 Child Protection

069 Preparation of Methadone Mixture

070 Prescription Delivery System

071 Data Protection

072 Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle


073 Running a Patient Satisfaction Survey

074 Delivery of CDs to Patients

075 Receipt, Storage and Destruction of CDs

076 Managing Changes from POM to P

077 Maintaining a Smoke Free Environment

078 Managing an Accuracy Checking Technician

079 Cashing Up at the End of the Day

080 Sending and Receiving Faxes

081 Demonstrating How to Use a Peak Flow Meter

082 Dealing With the Freedom of Information Act 2000


083 Advice on Anticoagulant Therapy

084 Influenza Vaccination Under a PGD

085 Advising on Falls in the Elderly

086 Dealing With a Fall in the Pharmacy

087 Measuring and Fitting a Truss

088 CD Requisitions

089 Supply of EHC Under a Patient Group Direction

090 Supplying Methotrexate

091 Cholesterol Measurement

092 Measuring and Fitting Surgical Hosiery

093 Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (Phase 1)

SOP 10

094 Appliance Dispensing

095 Procedures When the Pharmacist is Absent

096 Chlamydia Testing

097 Procedures When the CD Key is Missing

098 Procedures When a CD Rx is Missing

099 Needle Stick Injury

100 Continuity Planning

101 The OTC Sale of Clamelle

102 The OTC Sale of Alli

103 Pandemic Planning

SOP 11

104 RP Certificate and Pharmacy Log

105 RP The Responsibilities of a RP

106 RP Handing Over to the Next RP

107 RP Planning After an Incident

108 RP Allowable Absences

109 RP Staff Competencies

110 RP SOP Changes and Audit Trail

111 Handling Computer Failure

112 Disposal of Clinical Waste

113 Vascular Risk Assessment

SOP 12

114 IG Staff and Third Party Confidentiality Clauses

115 IG Mapping Information Flows

116 IG Transfers of Patient Identifiable Information Abroad

117 IG Collecting Patient Consents

118 IG Access Rights to the PMR

119 IG Secure Transfer of Digital Information

120 IG Monitoring Mobile Computer Systems

121 IG Incident Management for Loss of PII

122 IG Creating and Maintaining a Safe Haven

123 Dispensing Methadone by Methameasure

124 IG Safe Use and Storage of Smart Cards

SOP 13

125 H Pylori Testing

126 Handling a CD Incident

127 Dealing With Lithium Patients

128 New Medicine Service NMS

129 Stoma Appliance Customisation SAC

130 Appliance Use Review

131 Dealing With Insulin Therapy

132 Whistleblowing

133 Giving Advice About Alcohol

134 Handling for Paraffin Based Products

SOP 14

135 Healthy Diet Advice

136 Exercise Advice

137 COPD Advice

138 Using the Consulting Room

139 Recording Keyholders (Eire)

140 Discharge Medication Review (Wales)

141 Running EPS2

142 Selling OTC Products Online

143 Supplying Veterinary Medicines

144 Prescribing POM-VPS Medicines

145 Labelling Veterinary Medicines Dispensed

146 Veterinary Medicines Cascade

SOP 15

147 Delivery of prescriptions to a remote Collection Point

148 Using a Chaperone

149 Dealing with Poor Performance under the Contract

150 Prevention of Bribery affecting your practice

151 Credit card Data Security

152 Record Keeping

153 Veterinary Record Keeping

154 Dealing with Anaphylaxis

155 Emergency CPR

156 Understanding the COSHH Regulations

SOP 16

157 Safe Dispensing of Oral Cancer Drugs

158 Understanding the RIDDOR Regulations

159 Bullying

160 Disciplining Staff

161 Dealing with Delayed Rx on the N3 Spine

162 The use of Social Media

163 Destruction of Computers

164 For Refusing a Sale

165 EPS2 Nomination

166 Staff Dismissal

SOP 17

167 Cold Chain supply of Medicines to Patients

168  Vulnerable Adults

169 Performing Off Site MURs
170 Using the Summary Care Records
171 Dispensing of prescriptions from the EEA and Switzerland
172 Selling eCigarettes
173 Accessible Info
174 Inhaler Technique Training
175 Lone Working
176 Compliance with SOPs


177 Asthma referral
178 The Supply of Gluton Free Foods
179 Dealing with Sensitive Subjects
180 Running a PGD
181 Dealing with returned Controlled Drugs
182 Crushing Buprenorphine sub lingual tablets
183 Giving advice about taking drugs while driving
184 Urgent Medicine Supply
185 Motivational Interviewing (MI)
186 Using NHS Choices, and local health reports


187 Good Customer Service

188 Maintaining Data Security

189 Data Protection by Design & Default

190 Data Protection Impact Assessment

191 Cyber Security

192 Preparing a Records Retention Schedule

193 Learning Needs Assessments

194 Rights Under GDPR

195 Data Continuity Planning

196 Data Security

197 Due Dilligence of Suppliers


198 The Falsified Medicines Directive

199 Compliance with the NDOO

200 Setting technical Specifications for NDOO

201 The Vitamin D Rapid Blood Test

202 Supplying Medicines for PAAD

203 Auditing PAAD

204 Risk Assessment in PAAD

205 Record Keeping for PAAD

206 Ensuring Patient Choice in PAAD

207 Accountability of Staff Engaged in PAAD


208 Premises & website standards for PAAD

(Pharmacy At A Distance)

209 Managing medicines safely while providing PAAD (Pharmacy At A Distance)

210 Providing a Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP)

211 Sepsis Awareness

212 Providing Advice for those on Sodium Valproate

213 Continuity of Needle Exchange and Observed Consumption

214 Delivery Services During a Pandemic

215 Delivery Services Utilising Volunteers

216 Procedures for Volunteer Drivers

217 Advice for Patients Using Isotretinoin


218 Assessing the Risks of Covid-19

219 Assessing the Risks of Covid-19 in BAME Individuals

220 Advice on Getting a Covid-19 Test in the UK

221 Influenza Vaccination During a Pandemic

222 Suicide Awareness

223 Red Flag Symptoms

224 Measuring BMI and Waist Circumference

225 Becoming an Antibiotic Guardian

226 General Covid-19 Vaccination

227 Special Instructions for Astra Zeneca Covid-19 Vaccine

228 Special Instructions for Pfizer BioNTech mRNA Vaccine BNT 162b2


229 Patient Advice for Patients Taking Amiodarone 

230 Discharge Medication Service (DMS)

231 Administration of the Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine

232 Lateral Flow Testing for Asymptomatic Staff

233 Confirming Patient Identity

234 Bringing your own Devices BYOD

235 Testing your Data Security and Management Plan

236 Referral to NHS 111

237 GPs Referral to Pharmacists via CPCS

238 Lateral Flow Test for Covid 19 Distribution


239 Intranasal Corticosteroids for Allergic Rhinitis 

240 PGD Administration of Naltrexone/Bupropion

241 Supply of Fexofenadine for Allergic Rhinitis Under a PGD

242 The Hypertension Case Finding Service

243 Blood Pressure Measurements

244 Encouraging Patients to Return Used Inhalers for Disposal

245 Running a Telephone Inhaler Technique Consultation

246 PQS-2 Anticoagulant Safety Audit

247 Spacer Devices and Asthma Action Plans for Children (5-15)

248 Identifying Patients with New Inhaler & No Technique Advice


249 Running Video Remote Consultations

250 Talking about Weight and Weight Loss

251 Checking inhaler technique using a DPI

252 Checking inhaler technique using a pMDI

253 Checking inhaler technique using a Spacer Inhaler

254 Using an Ambulatory BP Monitor

255 Running a Smoking Cessation Service

256 Running an 'Ask for ANI' (Action Needed Immediately) Scheme

257 Discussing a RTI and Antibiotics

258 Discussing a UTI and Antibiotics


259 Recognising Cancer Symptoms

260 Recruiting Staff

261 Interviewing Staff

262 Delegation

263 Supply of Oral Contraceptives - Tier 1

264 Safe Disposal of Unwanted and Expired Antibiotics

265 Business Continuity Plan for Temporary Suspensions

266 Independent Prescribing Service – Pathfinder Service (Birmingham and Solihull NHS)

267 Lateral Flow Devices Supply to Patient

268 Combatting Fraud


269 Pharmacy First Service

270 Treating Impetigo

271 Treating Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection

272 Treating Acute Sore Throat

273 Treating Acute Otitis Media

274 Treating Acute Sinusitis

275 Treating Infected Insect Bites

276 Treating Shingles

277 Remote Allergy & Intolerance Testing

278 Supply of Oral Contraceptives - Tier 2

279 Ear Examination Using an Otoscope

280 Using Microsuction to Remove Excess Wax

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