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Testimonials about Patient Survey 

"I received the summary of my Patient Survey. I was very pleased with your work, thank you."

Mrs Batchelor - Brook Pharmacy

"I thought your Patient Surveys were fab!"

Woodstock Pharmacy - Mrs Dawson

"The Informacist's way is an easy and straight-forward way of completing it."

Mr Bullen - Wellness Pharmacy and Seaview Stores

"I cancelled an other company for you guys! You are more cost effective and the design of your questionnaires are professional"

Mr Khayat - Sandford Pharmacy

"Many thanks for your help. The patient survey is very comprehensive. Many thanks for your excellent service."

Giles and Ward Pharmacy

"I thought the survey was easy to run and the questionnaires had been well received by the customers."

M A Manning Pharmacy

"We had a PCT inspection and they were very impressed with the Patient Surveys."

Ridgways Chemist - Mr Ridgway

"The surveys are great!"

Mrs Lilley - Lilley's Pharmacy and Healthcare

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