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Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2023/24 (Phase 5)

Pharmacy Quality Scheme

Attention all contractors who have claimed aspirational payments for the pharmacy quality scheme part 5:

"When you receive the payment, will you have the evidence in place to show that you have complied with all the requirements?"

If you are struggling to gather together the numerous action and training plans, team and risk reviews, certificates and other evidence that you need, then look no further. Based on the same lines as the folder we created for PQS 1 to 4, we have repeated the process for PQS 5.

In this new folder you will get personalised, adaptable:

  • SOPs on anticoagulant advice, inhaler techniques & disposal, remote consultations, becoming an antibiotic guardian and discussing antibiotic use with RTI's and UTI's

  • Action and training plans

  • Risk and team reviews covering the various domain areas of PQS 5

  • Forms to record the advice your staff are giving to your clients

  • Data collection forms to record all the information required for the MYS Portal

  • Healthy living leaflet on antibiotic guardianship to give out to your clients

  • A USB containing all the materials required, if you need extra copies

  • Interactive, clickable web links file to guide you towards all the necessary online training 

The new folder will cost just £328.90+VAT+P&P,

And you get the usual additional 10% saving with upfront card payment, or 15% saving for members. 

Any additional folders will be just £218.90+VAT+P&P.

And don’t forget our usual 100% money back guarantee so if you don’t think the folder lives up to our promise you simply return it for a full refund. All we ask is you tell us what was wrong so we can improve it.

To order just give us a call or visit the webshop

"Best folder you've created to date, so easy to follow and work through."

Mr D S Baghra - Astill Lodge Pharmacy

- 01/06/23

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