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Unlimited, No Quibble 100% Money Back Guarantee

“We aim to provide Independent Pharmacists and Dentists with High Quality, Reliable, Easy to use and above all useful products. If you think we haven’t done that for you then we do not deserve to keep your money.


If any product does not live up to our promise we will give you a full refund with no questions asked. We hope that if that happens you will still give our other products a try.


This is not a 7 day or a three month or a years guarantee - It is a lifetime guarantee!”

Guarantee: -  Dear Lisa, Herewith the returned IG package

I appreciate your help and I am sorry you did not get the right information when Beverley ordered it. This was entirely my fault and not Beverley’s — for which I apologise.

Many thanks and best wishes. 16.02.2012

Kenneth J Everitt B.Ch.D. The Conifers Dental Surgery, Riddy Lane, Bourn, Cambs

Handwritten P.S.

P.S. I wish my dental help was as efficient as you and your company!

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