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Clinical Audits

Clinical Audit USBs with four audits


Single audit Assessed By Us

Only £113.85 Per USB

(+VAT and P&P)

 Two Annual Clinical Audits a Year...
Under the pharmacy contract each pharmacy must run 2 clinical audits a year. One of these is organised by the PSNC/NHS England and will be multidisciplinary but the second one must be devised and conducted by you.

 Time Pressures

Obviously you are already under enormous time pressure, so to try and think of a clinical audit that is measurable, easy to run, short term and has ways of being improved by you and your colleagues is something you could do without.

 Forms Needing Creating for No Extra Money

You will have to create forms to collect the necessary data, forms so you can collate that data and finally forms to show the results. All of which will take yet more time.

On top of this you will not be paid a penny for doing all this extra work so you need to spend as little time as is possible on devising and running the audit. Can Help

To help you overcome these problems, we at the have created 4 Clinical Audit USBs (each containing a minimum of 4 audits) that give you various options to choose the audit you want to do.

 Adaptable Computer Or Paper Based System

We have developed all the forms that you will need to collect the data, collate and then report back to the ICB. The forms can be adapted to your pharmacy and can be used via the computer or as a paper based system.

 Minimise Time Spent

You will find that the audits have been designed to minimise the amount of time involved in selecting patients for audits, collecting the necessary data, collating it and reporting it.

 Includes Audit SOP

As an added extra the disc includes an adaptable audit SOP that explains what a clinical audit is and how to run one.

List of Audits on Audit USB 1

1.   Owings Audit (A01)

2.   Audit of How Many Asthmatics Have an Action Plan (A02)

3.   Audit of How Many Asthmatics Aged 5-15 Who Have a Spacer Inhaler (A03)

4.   Audit of Patients suitable for Repeat Prescribing (A04)

List of Audits on Audit USB 2

5.   Audit of those who do not understand English labels (A05)

6.   Audit of perceived Waiting Times (A06)

7.   Audit of Asthmatics who have, and use, a peak Flow Meter (A07)

8.   Audit of items labelled “As Directed” (A08)

List of Audits on Audit USB 3

9.   Audit of Prescribing Errors by GPs (A09)

10. Audit of your Smoking cessation Service (A10)

11. Audit of Your Minor Ailment Scheme (A11)

12. Audit of internal Near Miss Incidents (A12)

List of Audits on Audit USB 4

13. Audit of How Many Asthmatics had their Technique Checked in the Last Year (A13)

14. Audit of How Many NMS Completed/Performed (A14)

15. Audit of How Many Diabetics Have Had Flu or Covid Vaccination (A15)

16. Audit of Patients on NSAIDs but no PPI (A16)

Only £99.83 Per Audit

(+VAT and P&P)

Step ONE
Choose any of the twelve topics below, we will send you detailed instructions and data collection forms
Step TWO
You collect the data exactly as instructed
You send the data back to us
We analyse and report on your data and suggest ways you might improve
You file the audit report until the ICB calls for it
1 Owings Audit
Should be used on a continuing basis to satisfy the requirements of Clinical Governance
2 Audit of how many Asthmatics have an action plan

Find out how many Asthmatics have/need an action plan.
3 Audit of how many Asthmatics between 5-15 have a spacer inhaler

Find out how many Asthmatics aged 5-15 have/need a spacer inhaler.
4 Audit of patients who might be suitable for Repeat Prescribing
Assess suitability with a view to talking to the GP about RP
5 Audit of the understanding of your prescription labels
Testing individuals whose second language is English or those with no English
6 Audit of perceived and actual waiting times
See whether your patients are happy to wait as long as you keep them waiting
7 Audit of how many Asthmatics can and do use a peak flow meter
Find out how many asthmatics need a new PFM and whether they use it
8 Audit of how many items are prescribed and labelled "As Directed"
Find out how many Patients are potentially relying on their memory of what the Doctor told them when they were prescribed their medicines
9 Audit of Prescribing Errors
Document the magnitude and frequency of errors made by your GPs
10 Audit of your smoking cessation service
Assess the success of your service
11 Audit of your Minor Ailment Scheme
Assess the success of your service
12 Audit of in‐house near‐miss errors
Find out how many and how serious your potential error level is
13 How many asthmatics had their technique checked in the last year

Find out how many asthmatics need their technique checking.
14 Audit of How many NMS completed/performed

Find out how many NMS have been completed/performed.
15 Audit of How many diabetics have had flu/covid vaccination

Find out how many diabetics have had their flu/covid vaccination.
16 Audit of Patients on NSAIDs but no PPI
Find out how many patients are at risk of a Gastric bleed caused y long term NSAID with no PPI
17 Audit of staff Compliance with SOPs
Finds out how well staff understand and comply with the SOPs in the Pharmacy
18 Audit of Smartcard Use Compliance
Assesses adherence to the guidelines on Smart Card usage

Buy your Clinical Audit(s) now and don't forget, if you feel that it(they) has(ve) not saved you time and money, just send it(them) back for a full refund but please tell us why because we want to make sure we are always providing the gold standard of what our clients want.


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