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DSP Folder Testimonials

"Used a number of different companies over the years and yours is by far the best and easiest to follow."

Mr Jnagal, High Street Pharmacy - 25/03/2019

"This has saved me a great deal of time to work on DSP for three branches. The folders are amazing."

Mr Patel, Garner Pharmacy - 28/02/2019

"Very neat.
Very organised."

Mr Jnagal, High Street Pharmacy - 25/03/2019

Testimonials for our Previous IG Folder

IG - said he didn't realise how good we were and how much hard work we put into it until he's sat down to work on the IG !!  


Mr Soneji, Medesil Pharmacie

"Found the IG folder very useful and money well spent."


Seascale Pharmacy - Mr Reay.

"Fantastic, I'll be lost without it!"

Duncans Pharmacy - Krupesh Patel 

Kalpesh thought our folder was really good and all laid out well.


The Pharmacy At Mayfair - Mr Pancholi

"IG folder is very comprehensive. I am very happy with it."


Mr Patel Leyton Green Pharmacy - Mr Baxi 

"Wouldn't have been able to submit without your help."


Lafford Chemist 

Wouldn't have been able to do all that work on his own and thanked us for his IG folder

Otford Pharmacy - Mr Shafi  

"IG Folder is brilliant." 

Gill Pharmacy - Mr H Gill 

"This has saved me a great deal of time to work on DSP for three branches. The folders are amazing."

Mr Patel - Garner Pharmacy

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