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Really Useful Websites


GPhC Links Page                            The GPhC Web Links

Translabel                                        Patient Instructions Translation Website


Activa Hosiery Measuring Guide   Online instructions to help you select which size of

                                                           hosiery wil be required depending on the patients' measurements


Say No to 8070                                 Find alternative numbers if your inclusive minutes do not include 0870, 0845 numbers etc


DisplaySense                                   This company has a large range of Ballot Boxes for use with the patient satisfaction survey


FirstStopSafety                                Learn how to do PAT testing - You don't need to be an electrician or to pay people vast

                                                       sums. You can also get an inexpensive kit for confirmation of electrical safety, labels etc.


Deluxe Traduction                           Translates into ANY language using native translators (don't know what the charges are). Send 

                                                      a word doc and they wil quote for you. Specialises in medical and technical translations as well

UK Point of Sale                               Very extensive range of display and shelf items at reasonable prices


Capricorn Mohair                             Mohair socks. Non-elastic tops means full circulation to your feet. Ideal for overweight

                                                      diabetic men Natural fibres mean no sweaty smells.


MoneySavingExpert                        Money Saving Ideas from Martin Lewis - Very Useful


WideFitShoes                                   Especially good for diabetics with larger feet. Fitting guide can be downloaded. If you have wide

                                                      feet, you are probably wearing a couple of sizes too big for you                                      The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) Publishes the latest anti-Malarial                                                           travel information                                         Great value Lifts for home or to allow disabled access upstairs or to the basement of your                                                                 pharmacy premises


Portakabin                                         Portable buildings for temporary use. Take a look at the variety of buildings available

                                                      Temporary Premises