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Welsh Information Governance

Are you struggling to collect all the evidence needed your Information Governance submission?

“Our Information Governance folder is designed to match the new submission requirements brought in for 23/24."

…If so, we have just introduced our new personalised folder that sets out clearly the evidence needed for each requirement under the Welsh Information Governance.

When information governance was first brought in, we thoroughly researched each requirement and then created folders to help our clients work their way through the things they had to do to make sure they were compliant with the regulations.

At that time the Welsh annual submission was substantially different from the English submission, so we didn’t feel qualified to provide this service to Welsh contractors. However, the two submissions have now become more similar, hence we have produced this new Welsh Information Governance Folder to help you.

Each folder has a workplan, explaining in detail what steps you have to do with personalised SOPs, forms and templates throughout the folder to show how you are complying with the requirements for example:

  • There are sheets for each officer to sign with an explanation of the duties of that officer.

  • SOPs on maintaining data security, policy on information governance with signing sheet for each member of staff, premises security register etc.

  • How to train and create awareness on your privacy programme.

  • What are individual rights?

  • How contracts and information sharing should be controlled.

  • How to perform risks and data protection impact assessments.

  • What to do in a breach response and monitoring,

  • Freedom of information and environmental information.

  • How to maintain information security.

  • The importance of business continuity.

If you are unsure whether this folder will do what we claim, we have many glowing testimonials from our clients who have used our services to help with their English DSP submission, a couple of which we have included below and many more that you can see on our website

"Used a number of different companies over the years and yours is by far the best and easiest to follow."

- Mr Jnagal, High Street Pharmacy

"This has saved me a great deal of time to work on DSP for three branches. The folders are amazing."

- Mr Patel, Garner Pharmacy

The price for this fully researched, personalised and easy to follow folder is...


Furthermore, if you pay be card or direct debit there is another 10% saving (15% for members), so it becomes...

£352.21+VAT+P&P for members)

If you need any extra folders for additional shops, these will be just £207.19+VAT+P&P each.

To give you complete peace of mind, we also offer a 100% money back guarantee, meaning if you don’t think the folder is all we promised, you can send it back for a full refund, all we ask if you give us a reason so we can continue to improve our offering. On top of this we offer an IG submission service for just £110+VAT.

Now all you have to do is give us a call on 0151 653 3115/5535 to ease the pain of trying to complete your IG submission.

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