New Medicine Service (NMS)

What do cutting edge pharmacists know that you don't yet?

Why should you continue losing money because you've decided the New Medicine Service is too complicated?

...NMS is Now a Gateway Criteria for the PQS 21/22

Now you have to be running the NMS service to be eligible for the quality payments you should be interested in our special folder. We ploughed through all the information on NMS so you could have a comprehensive but easy to use package for running your New Medicine Service. You probably think there is no way this could be done but let me explain...


What you get is...


  • An indexed, personalised, professional looking folder based on the original 120 drugs, to act as a single resource for NMS, with a USB so you can constantly print out all the resources like Patient Information Leaflet about the service and Healthy Living Sheets to give to your clients etc.

  • Full instructions on how to start up the service.

  • Your own single sheet (double sided) Patient Record Form which includes the consent form, the ethnicity recording, an appointment system and full NMS progress and advice given. This makes recording and storage really simple. It is on the USB so it can be reprinted whenever it is needed.

  • A Patient Leaflet and a letter of introduction to your GPs

  • An SOP to explain how the service should be run


On top of this, we have created...


  • Clinical sections about each of the original conditions, which act as a refresher course for you and your pharmacists.

  • Wonderful Mind Maps for the 120 drug classes providing easy reference of doses, contraindications, side effects and interactions so you don’t have to spend time leafing through the BNF.

  • SOPs for giving self care advice on a variety of topics, which are customisable for you.

This fantastic product costs...


Just £328.90 + VAT + P&P.

If you pay by credit card, you receive another 10% off, making the price just £296.01 or £279.57 (for members - 15% saving).

Additional folders are £278.90 + VAT + P&P. 




As with all our services, there is a 100% money back guarantee if you do not think the service is as promised.


What to do next...


So just say yes NOW to a system that provides professional, personalised and easy to use forms, SOPs, and guidance for the New Medicine Service by calling Lisa, Kerry, Christine, Jackie or Lizzie on 0151 653 5525/3115.