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Pharmacy Employment Contracts

Versatile, Easy to use, Computerised

Employment Contracts, Appraisals, Job Descriptions, etc

For a One off Payment of just £218.90+VAT+P&P

Plus £22+VAT+P&P per year for each employee.

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Under clinical governance (section 7/8 of the contract) and Information Governance (Requirement 116) there is a requirement that staff have a confidentiality clause in their contract, linked to disciplinary procedure (Clause (8), which is something Inspectors ask about. There is a need for more detailed staff records of qualifications, training courses and CPD (Clause(8) 7.2.5 & 2.6). You have a legal obligation to provide and keep up to date Staff Contracts from two months into their employment. You should also perform a staff appraisal at least once per year.

The Problem...

How do you keep up with the frantic pace of change in Pharmacy, the NHS and Employment law? When do you find the time to amend contracts as soon as somebody joins, changes their hours, gets married/divorced, has a new tax code etc?  How do you appraise your staff regularly?

The Solution...

We have combined our 20 years of dealing with staff in our small chain of independent community pharmacies, with up to date research into contract requirements, and created employment contracts that comply with the latest regulations but are specific to the jobs in a community pharmacy. We also include job descriptions and an appraisal system that works.

How it works...

You supply us with employment details of all your employees via post or our online form (we are registered to hold this type of data with the Data Protection Registrar) and we produce employment contracts for each of them. These are sent to you on paper so you can check all the details and confirm their accuracy. Once you have confirmed this, then we will send you two copies of each contract, each of which should be signed on behalf of the employers and the employee. They keep a copy and you file the second copy.

On an annual basis your staff details will be revisited and new contracts can be produced if required. This will also be done any time a significant change happens.

Your Employment Contract package contains...

  • Some customisable pharmacy job descriptions to clarify each person’s role within the business and help new staff to understand the hierarchy.

  • Two personalised staff contracts for both the employer and employee, covering all aspects of employment e.g. staff holidays, breaks, illness, disciplinary procedures and more.

  • A detailed system of running effective appraisals. This is now a requirement for all Healthy Living Pharmacies and is a job many pharmacists, along with managers in many other industries, are uncomfortable with, but which is essential to give feedback to your employees, to create a progress report and to decide between you what their future role within your company will be. Done right this will help to retain your staff, motivate your team and grow your business.


Buy your Employment Contract pack now and don't forget, if you feel that it has not saved you time and money, just send it back for a full refund but please tell us why because we want to make sure we are always providing the gold standard of what our clients want.


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