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How to make your life easier, more profitable and more fun.


  • This section of our website is to help you, the small independents  make your lives better.

  • Like you, we owned our own community pharmacies for many years so we realise the struggle you are having.

No Business Training.


  • When things became harder, as the government cut  profit margins, doctors moved away, supermarkets opened up etc., we realised we had to do something, so we began to actually study how to run a business. Crazy isn’t it – who would think of going into business without knowing all the pitfalls!!

Increase your profit margin

  • So, from books, seminars, taking advice from successful business people we began to learn all sorts of things and apply them to our business. Eventually we  increased our profit margin to 35%.

  • These are the sort of things we will  pass on to you. You can then avoid the mistakes we made and therefore be that much more successful.

  • There may well be some political observations as to the reality of the Pharmacy industry!

  • If you have any questions or want more individual help just contact Lynda on 0151 653 3115.

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