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Testimonials about CPD Folders and Workshops

”As always an enjoyable learning experience with peers and chance to network and exchange views along with a learning aspect.”

Mr R G Hardy

”Well done. Explained well and videos were great.”

Mrs Y E Burton - Foster & Sons Chemist

"Well done, excellent course materials, excellent facilitators. Thank you Lynda and Christopher"

Mrs Y Burton - Foster and Sons Chemist

”Clinical knowledge of the conditions discussed. As usual a very good course.”

Mr N Patel - Davenport Pharmacy

”Discussion and ideas shared with group. Very organised and helpful in relaxed atmosphere.”

Mr B S Nijjar - Faith Pharmacy

"We attended the Walsall CPD event yesterday, we found it very informative, pardon the pun, Thanks Lynda it was another excellent CPD session"

Mr R Ranahu - Lodge Pharmacy

”Afternoon much improved. Had time to discuss videos, helped me before each topic. Very good, enjoyed.”

Miss M Gupta - Limelight Pharmacy

"It is excellently prepared and delivered"

Mrs J Kajoba - Kesgrave Pharmacy

"The course was excellent as always. Very good information and precise. Keep it up."

Mr Thakrar - Skot Dispensing Chemists

"Great, very informative"

Mr R S Rahanu - Lodge Pharmacy

”Excellent course as usual.”

Mr A K Amin

”The best bit was how to increase profit in the pharmacy. Great, very informative”

Mr R S Rahanu - Lodge Pharmacy

"Very good. Interesting, good to meet people from different parts of the world. Location good"

Mr I Littler - Ian Littler Pharmacy

"A very informative presentation"

Mr Q Akram - Halls Pharmacy

"Enjoyed getting together with other like minded colleagues"

Mr B Kang

"Good information and advice to use in my practice"

Mr R Vaghadia - Peace Pharmacy

”Chance to do peer discussion along with medical conditions. Enjoyable time, good venue, satisfying catering.”

Mr R G Hardy

"As always, very good material combined with an excellent presentation. Huge fan of your work"

Mr Patel - Pharmacare

"Amazing CPD course!! Learned new NICE guidelines"

Mr D Lai

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