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Pharmacy at a Distance Folder

A Comprehensive Guide to PAAD Requirements for Distance Selling Pharmacies


You may have heard that last year the GPhC brought out new regulations for any pharmacy that supplies patients at a distance with the intention of tightening up the procedures that pharmacies that provide these services must follow.

You may have also thought that doesn’t apply to you, but only to internet pharmacies. You would be wrong, because,  if you think about it, you too have housebound patients that you do not see face to face, so you too have to know these new regulations.

These requirements also apply to any pharmacy using a hub and spoke system.

I have been writing and updating this PAAD folder, and here is what it contains:-

There are 12 sections, one for each requirement:

  • Risk assessment- 10 risk assessment forms and an SOP for risk assessment

  • Regular audits- 11 audits for providing various aspects of a pharmacy at a distance service, SOPs and training grids

  • Accountability of staff, especially if supply is made from different sites i.e. hub and spoke

  • Record keeping, SOP on refusing a sale

  • Ensuring you have trained and competent staff with an SOP for remote consultations

  • Ensuring your premises and websites meet the GPhC standards, with cleaning rota SOPs and forms

  • Guidance on how GPhC expects your website to look and checklists to ensure it is maintained.

  • Ensuring that patients know who is dispensing their prescriptions and they have a choice of where to collect their prescriptions from

  • Managing supply of medicines so it is safe and secure, and credit or debit card information is kept safe

  • Making sure the person who the medicine is delivered to, is the person it was intended for with an SOP for lone working (aimed mainly at your drivers), delivery service including CDs and cold chain items

  • Provision of information to patients on how to use their medicines and how to contact your pharmacy

  • Maintaining your equipment- SOPs and forms

  • To help you to comply with these new requirements we have produced a folder that follows the guidelines, providing you with easy to follow and complete forms, SOPs, and training records etc.

You can normally get all this for just £328.90 + VAT + P&P and if you pay by credit card, debit card or direct debit you get your additional 10% off making it only £296.01+VAT+P&P (£279.57+VAT+P&P for members - 15% saving)

This is a simple to use, comprehensive implementation of the PAAD requirements which will allow you to comply quickly. And don’t forget if you don’t think it is all that we have promised you can return it for a full refund – no questions asked.

To order just give us a call on 0151-653-3115

or visit the webshop

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