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You can have colourful, easy to read practice leaflets in high quality printing on decent paper.

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These are the latest guidelines as at 1st Feb 2018


The clinical governance requirements for pharmacies, set out in paragraph 28(2)(a)(i) of Schedule 4, Part 4, of the National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013, require the pharmacy to “…produce in an approved manner, a practice leaflet containing approved particulars in respect of his pharmacy”

NHS England published updated approved particulars setting out the requirements for the Pharmacy Practice Leaflet on 1st February 2018. The Approved Particulars have been updated to reflect changes to NHS structures and guidance on use of the NHS identity. The updated requirements for leaflets no longer refer to Primary Care Trusts or NHS Direct instead referring to Local Area Teams, NHS England and NHS 111. They are also now in line with the revised NHS identity guidance published in 2017. Contractors have to update their leaflets by 31st July 2018 to reflect the requirements of the updated approved particulars.


The Practice Leaflet must include the following:

  1. Name, address and telephone number of the pharmacy;

  2. If owned by a company based elsewhere, the contact details for their head office;

  3. Opening hours;

  4. List or description of NHS services available at the pharmacy (including Advanced, but not necessarily Enhanced or other locally commissioned services);

  5. Access arrangements for disabled customers, including adjustments to premises or services which may be offered to patients with a disability;

  6. NHS 111 details as follows: “When the pharmacy is closed, if you urgently need medical help or advice but it’s not a life-threatening situation, contact NHS 111, by calling 111. Information can also be accessed at";

  7. A statement that the pharmacy is not obliged to serve violent or abusive customers;

  8. A statement that the pharmacy complies with the Data Protection Act and the NHS code on confidentiality;

  9. Detail of how to find out more about services offered, comment on those services, or make a complaint;

  10. Contact details of NHS England (NHS England, PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT /;

The leaflet must be printed using a plain font in minimum size 12 pt, with sufficient contrast between print and background colour.

The leaflet must be branded with the NHS primary care logo (which is made up of two elements – the NHS logo and the pharmacy descriptor line “Providing NHS Services”), ideally in the top right hand corner on the first page. The NHS logo must, as a registered trademark, be used in accordance with the NHS identity guidelines for primary care. A pharmacy/practice logo can be used as well, if the pharmacy has one.


In October 2011, an amendment to the clinical governance framework required that whenever NHS services are publicised, this is carried out in a manner which makes clear that the services are funded as part of the health service. This should be considered by pharmacy contractors when updating the text of their practice leaflet. Contractors may, for example, want to list or describe the NHS services they provide under a heading ‘NHS services we provide’. Alternatively they could use ‘NHS’ in the title of the service, e.g. NHS New Medicine Service


Message from the PSNC


One element of the practice leaflet is the need to include contact details of the PCT; this reference will need to change now NHS England commissions the community pharmacy contract. Similarly, there is currently a requirement to include contact details of NHS Direct, and it is expected that this will be amended to refer to NHS 111. PSNC has proposed a number of changes to the requirements and is awaiting NHS England’s response. We would therefore advise contractors to allow stocks of practice leaflets to run down (as long as the July changes above have been implemented), and not to order any more than would be required for the next three months.


Pricing our Printing Service:

Our printouts are expensive because of the short print runs but they are of extremely high quality being produced on 120gsm laser paper, in full colour using a Xerox wax transfer laser printer. You should only need a few at a time so the outlay is small.

We can set up your Trifold Practice Leaflet for the one-off price of £66.55 +VAT

20   Leaflets will cost £11.98 + VAT + P&P,

50   Leaflets will cost £26.62 + VAT + P&P, or

100 Leaflets will cost £53.24 + VAT + P&P

Buy your practice leaflets now and don't forget, if you feel that they have not saved you time and money, just send them back for a full refund but please tell us why because we want to make sure we are always providing the gold standard of what our clients want.

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