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Data Security & Protection Folder

“Will You Have Sorted Out the Evidence for Your DSP Toolkit Requirements in Time for Your Submission at the End of the Financial Year?”

NOTICE: The 2023/24 DSP Toolkit Submission deadline is 30th June 2024

As this is a Sunday, we will be closed, so we recommend ordering before the 28th June 2024 to make sure your submission is completed on time

If you're needing help implementing all your evidence in time for the end of June deadline or for your next inspection, we can help...

The updated folder provides the following:


  • A step by step systematic workbook to fill in as the jobs are completed, which ensures you don’t miss anything as you work on this new project

  • Relevant forms, training, assessments and SOPs to help you to complete each assertion as you work on them. This will also form the permanent record which inspectors may wish to look at

  • You will find the book is initially geared towards the assertions which are mandatory with the rest of the assertions following as updates

  • We will submit the mandatory assertions for you, once we have relevant data from you, for a small fee (our members are covered).

  • A USB with all the documents you will need to fulfil your DSP needs. 

This folder will cost just £414.37 + VAT + P&P, but if you pay by credit or debit card, you will get a further 10% off. This makes the price just £372.93 + VAT + P&P. For our members who get 15% with upfront payment, it is just £352.21 + VAT + P&P.


Plus, if you're a group additional folders will cost just £207.19+VAT+P&P.

If you had our DSP paperwork last year (22/23) then no new or updated folder is needed for this year as last years still covers the assertions of the DSP Toolkit, which enables you to fulfil your requirements under the 23/24 GDPR system with relative ease. You'll still need to review last years folder and complete the on-line submission.

If you had our 19/20 folder an updated folder must be purchased to comply with the relevant changed assertions. This will cost £163.90+VAT+P&P.

And, for complete piece of mind, why not add the submission for just £110 + VAT

There is a 100% money back guarantee if you don't think the product is all that we have promised. 

To remove this one job from your to do list, give us a call on 0151-653-3115/5525

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