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“Will You Have Sorted Out the Evidence for Your DSP Toolkit Requirements in Time for Your Submission at the End of the Next Financial Year?”

The Latest, Substantially Altered Version of the Data Security and Protection Folder (DSP) is Now Ready

In 2018, the government brought in the necessary regulations and submission to cover the new Data Security and Protection Toolkit, which included the GDPR requirements. To help you become compliant with these, a folder was produced and on-line submissions were prepared, to match the 38 assertions which replaced the 16 requirements under the old IG system. 

Unfortunately, for 2019 and 2020 these regulations have now been substantially updated, as has the DSP submission. So, we have spent the last few months amending the DSP folder to coincide with the changes in the 20/21 submission and this folder is now ready. There are additional assertions and quite a few have been removed, leaving a total of 42 assertions

We did not realise the government would be implementing such large changes so quickly after the introduction of the new system, hence we didn’t appreciate that a completely different folder and submission would be required. 

The updated folder will provide the following:


  • A step by step systematic workbook to fill in as the jobs are completed, which ensures you don’t miss anything as you work on this new project.

  • Relevant forms, training, assessments and SOPs to enable you to complete each assertion as you work on them. This will also form the permanent record which inspectors may wish to look at.

  • You will find the book is initially geared towards the assertions which are mandatory with the rest of the assertions following as updates (free of charge).

  • We will submit the mandatory assertions for you, once we have relevant data from you, for a small fee (our members are covered).


This folder will cost just £376.70 + VAT + P&P.


However, if you bought our previous folder to comply with the 19/20 submission, it'll be just £120+VAT+P&P, and for that you will receive a completely new folder with all the necessary updates. 


The price for the 20/21 submission will remain at £100+VAT.

Understandably, this is an extra cost you did not expect to incur, but it is the government that has made these changes and made it necessary to produce a new folder and submission to ensure that you remain compliant with the latest assertions.

Obviously, you could decide not to update your folder, in which case you will need to complete your own submission on-line. We apologise for this, but your 18/19 folder will not meet the new assertion format. 

If you decide not to update, please remember the submission must be done as part of your essential services and you must complete your submission by the 30th June 2021. If you do not, you will not be able to claim for any advanced or enhanced services. 

Don’t forget:

You will need to complete the DSP Toolkit by June of 2021, so the best thing for you is to order the folder now by calling

0151 653 5525/3115.

P.S: Why not add the submission for just £100 + VAT for complete piece of mind?

Don't forget our 100% money back guarantee if you don’t think the product is all that we have promised.

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