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Can you really afford to leave this to chance?

“Poor Clinical Governance Requirements Can Now Be Punished by LATs and GPHC...And Unfortunately Being Too Busy Is Not Allowed As An Acceptable Excuse”

Which of these 5 requirement worries are keeping you awake at night?


  • Completion of successful minimum CPD entries

  • Correctly worded patient surveys including returns and FOC additional questionnaires

  • An accurate clinical audit so you can analyse and make the appropriate changes

  • Up to date necessary Government changes which need rapid implementation and demonstration

  • Strategies and public health requirements enabling you to effectively build your status as the local pharmacy expert with your existing and prospective new clients


If you would like to finally achieve peace of mind (no matter how currently busy you are), then here’s how we do it for 100’s of our existing clients and why we think you can do it with our help...right away.


For the last eleven years we have been helping our clients and refining our services to the point where we at the Informacist believe we have the ideal solution to any and all of your clinical governance requirements.


As former pharmacists and with a vast knowledge base of day-in day-out experience (we work with businesses just like yours every single day) you can benefit from the affordable solution based memberships we offer and immediately begin to ease your worries and give yourself a new sense of control and peace of mind.


Why Not Test Us Out Today... ON A NO RISK BASIS!

We’d like to invite you to consider which one of our two main membership plans works best for you.... at no risk! 


Here’s how it works;

We offer our members a choice of two main levels of participation...both tailor made and designed to be exactly what you need at the levels you want. Select which one best suits you, try for 6 months and if you’re not satisfied or feel we haven’t delivered on our promise then we’ll give you a full refund.... no questions asked.


Among our most comprehensive memberships is Platinum Level and this is what you receive...


Peace of mind via...


  • Two thorough CPD folders, and free workshops, where you can complete in excess of your minimum required entries. Informative, enjoyable and motivating days where you get to chat to colleagues and will cover topics to get you more profit, keep you up to date with the latest clinical guidelines and tell you about any new government initiatives.


  • Ready to use patient survey with personalised questionnaires that contain the required wording, a second address for returns and FOC extra questionnaires.


  • Employment Contracts - And Free contracts for up to six employees. You get two copies of individual contracts and terms and conditions with free updates if changes happen through the year. You will also get job descriptions and a tried and tested appraisal system you can easily use for each of your employees, including full instructions for interviewer and interviewee.


  • Your essential clinical audit... we design and then send you the paperwork and you simply complete and  return it, enabling us to analyse it for you and advise and assist you with any amendments or changes needed.


  • Assistance and online implementation with annual Information Governance changes and data Submission as well as any help needed with retraining your staff.


In addition (not available under Silver Membership)…


  1. Each month we will help you build your valuable business and retain existing clients with 200 copies of our Healthy Living Monthly Leaflet. Not only will this help your clients to help improve their health, experience shows it builds your status as the local expert in medicines and helps to fulfil your public health requirements.

  2. Your Facebook Page with two posts each week (one clinical, one humorous to keep people returning) so you can use social media to attract more business and can generate word of mouth from your clients

  3. Your Personalised Website - You will get a six, or so, page website with a weekly health blog on a wide range of subjects. We can quickly effect changes to the site for the whole year.


We Understand...


With the recent recession and following Government cuts in pharmacy income, we understand cash may be tight and time seems like a rare commodity. With this in mind we have put together our membership packages in a way which should ensure the smallest impact on your finances.


 We recently did a survey of a select number of our clients and they requested we come up with a cost-effective payment plan which makes the decision even easier. Thus from now on, we are making all of our products & services available on extended credit. Just ask about it when you purchase.


So we now have for you our fabulous, annually-repeating items such as the Patient Survey, clinical audit, CPD etc. and included them in one neat package with an easy to afford monthly membership fee.


 Plus - An Extra 5% "thank you" if you choose this option...


In addition, as soon as you become a member of the Informacist professional family you are entitled to an additional 5% thank you (making a total of 15%) if you decide to pay for other goods (with some small exceptions) by credit/debit card.


Your personal account manager will chase up the products you need to return to us on a regular basis to ensure you stay compliant, and you can speak to me at any time if you want some advice.


You’ll also receive the information filled Chanin's Chat newsletter through the post as well as by email.


What’s The Best Level of Investment for Me?

As mentioned there are two main membership choices;


PLATINUM - pay monthly and save over 45%. Full price would be £2775.14 but it can all be yours for only £126.74+vat per month


SILVER - pay monthly and save over 51%. Full price would be £1216.20 but it can all be yours for only £49.61+vat per month


How Do I Get It?


Choose which membership level works best for you (Platinum or Silver) and call us on......


0151 653 3115

And we’ll sort the rest!


Don’t leave anything to chance...Get compliant, make a saving and ease your cash flow by giving us a call.


We look forward to speaking to you soon


Kind regards


                    Lynda Chanin


Managing Director 


P.S. Would you like even more confidential help to improve your business? If so you should call my assistant Lisa right away, because, for a very brief period, I can now offer a 30 minute consultation call on a very favourable basis.

                                                                          0151 653 3115


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