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Community Pharmacy Patient Survey 2022-2023

(Hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg)

England's leading supplier of CPPQ to Independent Contractors

The 3 Problems Everyone Has With Organising Their 2022/2023 Patient Survey – And How Our Patient Survey System Solves Them.

"Give someone else the pain of organising your patient survey"

  1. Lack of Clarity. Too many pharmacists are unclear on exactly how the government requires the patient survey to be run…leading to slow completion times, low patient response and worst of all, the impact of your incomplete survey dragging into next year. Our comprehensive and personalised PSS takes away all the guesswork for you, giving you peace of mind and laser-focus.

  2. Wasted and/or additional time demands. Usually pharmacists carry the same hours as most businesses. But getting your patient survey successfully and promptly completed can often generate unwanted and laborious extra work which will cut into your valued time. We’ll show you how to STOP wasting unnecessary time BEFORE it’s too late…with tried, tested and proven templates and systems to make your life easier.

  3. What do I need to Train my staff on? What if you knew precisely how to successfully delegate this task to your staff? How much difference could this make to your professional life? Let us take the stress away from you…our SOP shows how to run your survey and get it EASILY completed by either you or your staff in just 14 days.

Here’s what you’ll receive with your Patient Survey System 2023…

  • Personalised questionnaires with your logo if you wish, included on each one, and the required statement explaining how your patients should complete the questionnaires.

  • 40% extra questionnaires supplied to allow for some to be “lost”.

  • Contains the DSP question required.

  • Can be done in TWO WEEKS! An SOP detailing exactly how the government wants the survey to be run and suggestions from us to show how to get the survey EASILY completed by YOUR STAFF in just 14 DAYS. This will stop your survey dragging into next year.

  • A label for attachment to any cardboard box so it becomes your ballot box which, gives the patient confidence that their response is anonymous.

  • An addressed envelope for you to return your completed forms to us. On return this will require postage to be paid. (Please take questionnaires out of ballot box and unfold on return).


After we have summarised the results…

  • An A4 poster with your results and best comments on to act as testimonials and to be your form of publicising your survey as required by the new Clinical Governance rules.

  • You receive coloured graphs and percentages (on paper) to make the results easy to understand

  • A paper report written by me indicating the areas you have performed well in and those that might require some attention

  • Also highlighted are - demographic details that may help you tailor your OTC and services to your patient’s needs, so you get something useful out of this imposed survey

  • We will attach your poster to your NHS choices page if you give us your access codes

Your After Sales Service:

  • If you mislay your report, we will send you a new copy of the graphs and report at no extra cost via email!

  • If you own several shops, we will send copies to the shop and head office if you require it

  • If your LAT want to see back copies from previous years and you may have mislaid them, we will supply these FOC via email as well

It’s a Small and Essential Investment…with our trademark 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • For the lowest number of returns from only £49.14+VAT+P&P. For the top range - only £147.43+VAT+P&P.

  • This includes all costs - there are no hidden extras except return postage

If you pay by debit or credit card you will receive 10% off the order cost.

Also, if you return your completed amount by September 30th, you get 20% or 10% if you get them back to us by the 31st December as a credit note on your account.

Pharmacy Patient Survey

Easy to read A5 Questionnaires

What to do next:

Just say yes NOW to a system that provides professional, personalised, contract compliant questionnaires, an easy step by step guide to completion, a detailed report and testimonials (and back copies FOC) by calling Lisa, Kerry, Jaclyn or Emma on...

Phone 3.PNG

Buy the best value system around and we think you’ll be kicking yourself for not using our service years ago!

I look forward to speaking to you soon

Kind Regards,

Lynda Chanin.

P.S.  Remember, our 100% no quibble money back guarantee if the product does not match your requirements

"The surveys look very professional."

Mr Ali - Woodgrange Pharmacy - 30/04/2019

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