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Testimonials about the Business Booster Workshop

"A very informative course and also has given me ideas of how to take my business forward, thank you."

Cross Chemist

"This is a wonderful help. The fact that all the staff have come makes it even more excellent. We can rub minds together now and can move forward more."

Theiam Chemist

"I hope to see you again, well done. It has been a pleasure to talk with you and get some of your broad knowledge."

Shaw's Chemist


Forest Pharmacy

"Excellent workshop, lots of things to think about! I can see many benefits from following the tips!"

Brook Pharmacy

By eMail : 5/3/08

Further to our BB Workshop with you we have ditched all the homes, our spreadsheet showed we were supplying MDS to 501 patients in homes and our loss was £75 per month

Thanks for your help and if you want to use us as an example, feel free!

Tony, Kerry and Diego,

Shaws Pharmacy

"Because of Lynda and her strategies of MURs and Minor Ailments, my business was nominated for Business of the Year 2008. We later won it! It would not have happened without The Informacist."

Chapel Pharmacy

"Excellent session. Lots of ideas brought into one session"

Alfa Chemists

"Lots of food for thought."

Shally's Chemist

"Very useful and practically applicable course."

Shally's Chemist

"I found the course very informative but also had fun whilst listening and learning."

Shaw's Chemist

"The seminar we had was fantastic, it has changed all of my staffs' perspectives on the business. There aren't enough people who realise how important it is to learn these things about their own business. It was brilliant."

R J Berry

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