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Forms - Intelligent Recording Solutions

What Do Tidy, Organised Pharmacists know that you don’t yet?

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“This is The Best Way to Deal With All Your Recording Needs as Required Under Clinical Governance!”

Currently there are 50 forms in each folder (100 in total)

You know how nowadays you are expected to keep records of all sorts of things from staff appraisals to fridge temperatures to equipment maintenance and it all takes time which means everything slows down. What do you currently do about “stray” forms?


Speedy solution...

Well what we have done is create a number of forms (100) that are simple and therefore fast to fill in.  They can be re-printed as often as you like and will save you hours of work trying to design them yourself.


What you get is a collection of forms which are...

1) simple and easy to use so you can complete them quickly.

2) written by someone with 20 years experience of Independent community pharmacy, who likes forms to be really easy to fill in.

3) simply personalised by you to your pharmacy.

4) able to be printed out as often as you need them.

5) able to be stored on the computer so you don’t lose them.

6) have detailed instructions on how to use them.

7) designed to have enough room to easily record as much information as is needed, And No More!


So how much will all this cost me…

Folder 1 (forms 1 - 50) is usually £299.47* but this would be further reduced to £269.52* if you used your credit or debit card (£254.55* for members).

Folder 2 (forms 51 - 100) is the same price. 

If you order both folders together, you save £98.94 and get them for £500.00* (£450.00* with your 10% credit/debit card saving, £425.00* for members)

*Price excludes p&p + VAT


So how do I get hold of these forms...

Buy your Forms folder now and don't forget, if you feel that the forms have not saved you time and money, just send them back for a full refund but please tell us why because we want to make sure we are always providing the gold standard of what our clients want.


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