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How to Make More Money

Unlock your earning potential by joining our business course - 

"How to Make More Money"

Are you struggling to pay your bills? Do you find there is more month left to cover, after your income has run out? Are you working till 8 or 9 at night? Are you fed up with fighting fires all the time? 

The one cry we hear from all our clients is that you are struggling to meet your bills. We understand what it is like to be under constant pressure both financially and time wise, but we have learnt how to overcome these challenges and we want to pass this knowledge on to you.

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So, we have created a course where we will teach you the importance of understanding your figures and how this will help you to compare one year’s figures with another. Based on this comparison you will be able to set targets for the coming years and encourage your team to work towards them.

Then we will go over in detail, suggestions on how you can improve your turnover and your profit. We will show you how to create a business plan if you want to approach your bank for a loan, how to delegate to your team so you are free to spend time working on the business, rather than in the business and how to get a better work life balance.

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Because there is so much information, we want to give you we are dividing the course into two with each one costing £300+VAT or if you book the two together £500 +VAT. We are confident that if you implement just one of the ideas we give you, you will cover this cost 10 times over.

Plus, when you order by credit/debit card, you will also receive a 10% Saving (15% for members).

For more information or to book on the course, which will be in...



(To Be Confirmed)

...give us a call on 0151 653 3115/5525 now.

"Well planned out list of potential tasks/tips to generate more profits in the right areas."

Mr R Patel - Alisha Pharmacy

Mr T Singh - Lansbury Pharmacy

"This workshop advanced my knowledge a lot. I will love to participate in part two."

"Excellent course with good scope to speak to colleagues and swap ideas."

Mrs I Evbuomwan - Prime Response Pharmacy

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