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Business Booster Workshops

Which of These Problems Does Your Business Have?


Category M clawbacks?

Lack of NHS funding in enhanced services?

Increased competition through 100 hour contracts?

Unknown hidden assets in your business?

No business Plan?

Lack of time, everyone’s too busy?

Not doing any extra services?

Falling profits?

No marketing plan?




What Are You Doing About This?


Have you taken a step back and reviewed what you want to achieve? Do you know what your minimum turnover levels are to stay in business and what hidden assets you have to help you? Do you choose only profitable services? How do you promote these services?


Business Booster Workshop - "Because of Lynda and her strategies of MURs and Minor Ailments, my business was nominated for Business of the Year 2008. We later won it! It would not have happened without The Informacist." - Prakash Patel, Chapel Pharmacy, Cannon Street

One Solution – BB Workshop


This workshop is designed to get you out of your business for a day to concentrate on these topics with your team so you can create an action plan that will drive your business forward, or you get your money back.

Why Us?


We have built and continue to improve a large reservoir of specialist knowledge picked up from owning our own businesses, working with PCTs in GP surgeries and understanding how they work and from the thousands of hours and money we have spent studying all aspects of creating profitable businesses, including international meetings listening to speakers like Sir John Harvey Jones, Jay Abraham, Julian Richer, Tony Buzan and Peter Thompson. This knowledge has been applied to with impressive results, and can now help you make more money and have more fun out of your business.

100% No Quibble Guarantee


So why not invest just £222.21 + vat in yourself and your business? What’s more other members of your team can attend for just £50 +vat each. If after attending and putting the ideas into practice you have not covered the costs of the workshop, at the very least, we will gladly give you your money back.



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