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Responsible Pharmacist - Contractor Pack

7 SOPs and 10 New Forms for Coping With the Responsible Pharmacist Legislation.

If you have all our SOPs and Forms, this is the package you need.

£181.50 + p&p + VAT

This USB Contains 7 Standard Operating Procedures for Pharmacists


RP Certificate and Pharmacy Log


The Responsibilities of a RP


Handing Over to the Next RP


Planning After an Incident


RP Allowable Absences


Staff Competencies


SOP Changes and Audit Trail

This USB Contains 10 Forms for Pharmacists


Things that Can be Done When RP is Absent


Length of Time Records Can be Kept


Expiry Date Checking Sheets

Complaints Flyer and Customer Forms


RP Display Certificate


RP Pharmacy Log Forms


Staff Competency List


SOP Amendments Form


Locum Booking Form

So, take that worry off your shoulders, think of the time and money you will save and order your Responsible Pharmacist Package today. Don't forget, if you feel that it has not saved you time and money, just send it back for a full refund but please tell us why because we want to make sure we are always providing the gold standard of what our clients want.


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