RP Regulations

Responsible Pharmacist Regulations 2008

listed from 1-9 are all legally required and next to each we list our solutions to these requirements

FD4     F40  Locum Booking Form




FD4     F36  RP Display Certificate




SOP11 104  Display of RP Certificate and Signing the RP Log

FD4      F37  RP Signing In Forms and Absence Records








SOP3  028  Stock Ordering

SOP3  022  Obtaining Specials




SOP3  029  Stock Receipt and Integrity Checking

SOP3  027  Stock Control

FD4     F33  Expiry Date Checking Sheets




SOP1  001  Prescription Reception

SOP1  002  Pharmaceutical Assessment

SOP1  003  Intervention and Problem Solving

SOP1  004  Label Production

SOP1  005  Assembly of Prescription

SOP1  006  Accuracy Checking

SOP1  007  Transfer of Rx to Patient

SOP1  008  Prescription Owings

SOP1  009  Repeat Dispensing

SOP2  020  Emergency Supply

SOP2  021  Extemporaneous Production

SOP2  015  Controlled Drugs

SOP3  031  Confidentiality


Sold by Retail


SOP2  017  Sale of OTC Medicines Involving the Pharmacist

FD1     F08  Record of OTC Advice Given


Supplied in Circumstances Corresponding to Retail Sale


SOP2  014  Private Prescriptions


Delivered Outside the Pharmacy


SOP1  010  Prescription Collection Services

SOP7  070  Prescription Delivery System

SOP8  074  Delivery of CDs to Patients

FD2     F19  Collection and Delivery Audit Trail

FD2     F18  Delivery Driver Forms (Drop Sheet and "You Were Out" Card)


Disposed of


SOP1  011  Disposal of Unwanted Medicines






SOP2  016  Sale of OTC medicines by Counter Staff




SOP11 109  Identifying the Competency of Pharmacy Staff

FD4      F38 Staff Competency List



SOP3  024  Assessing Clinical Significance in Recording Interventions

FD4     F32 The Length of Time Records Have to be Kept



SOP11 108  Absence of the RP

FD4      F31 List of Things that Can and Cannot be Done Under Responsible Pharmacist



SOP11 105  Assuming the Responsibilities of the RP

SOP11 106  Handover of Duties to Next RP



SOP3   030  Complaints Procedure

FD1      F03  Complaints Procedure Poster

FD4      F34  Complaints Flyer and Customer Forms

FD2      F11  Complaint Investigation Record Sheet

FD1      F04  First Letter Following Complaints Procedure

FD4      F35  Complaints Annual Report Form




SOP11 107  Contingency Planning for When an Incident Occurs

FD2      F12  Error Recording Form (Internal)

SOP5   047  Root Cause Analysis

FD3      F30  Root Cause Analysis Form



SOP1   000  Overarching SOP for SOPs

SOP11 110   Changing and Maintaining SOPs

FD4      F39  SOP Amendments Audit Trail



A. Display a Certificate.




B. Sign the RP Log.





C. Establish Robust SOPs for:-


1. Arrangements to secure that medicinal products are:-


















































In a safe and effective manner.


2. The circumstances in which a member of the pharmacy staff who is not a pharmacist may give advice about medicinal products.



3. The identification of members of pharmacy staff who are in view of the responsible pharmacist, competent to perform specified tasks related to the pharmacy business.




4. The keeping of records about the matters mentioned above in (1).




5. Arrangements which are to apply during the absence of the responsible pharmacist from the premises.




6. Steps to be taken when there is a change of reponsible pharmacist at the premises.




7. The procedure which is followed if a complaint is made about the pharmacy business.








8. The procedure which is to be followed if an incident occurs which may indicate that the pharmacy business is not running in a safe and effective manner.






9. The manner in which changes to the pharmacy procedures are to be notified to the staff.





SOPs can be kept either electronically or manually.